Teaching Excellence

Interdisciplinary Programs

Green Energy

Core courses and relevant electives are offered by instructors with expertise in Energy, Materials, Processing and System Integration. Students certified by the program establish the basic capabilities necessary for entering the green energy industry. Projects combined with theory and practice are also provided to cultivate the innovative thinking of students, thereby strengthening their teamwork and hands-on capabilities.


Innovative Product Development

A graduate program established jointly by the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Art and Design, aiming at integrating the diverse knowledge of design, engineering and industry, to inspire the combined innovation of students from different backgrounds; emphases are given to integral innovative designs and developments in response to the Innovative industry’s product requirements.


Industry 4.0-Intelligent Production

In response to the demand for system integration talents required for intelligent manufacturing, the professional knowhow regarding robotics, sensing techniques, production line automation, cloud computation, IoT, AI, Big Data Analysis, etc. is cultivated, so that students are able to work on product design, development, production and manufacturing, sales, etc. and capable of performing autonomous sensing, autonomous prediction and autonomous layout for customized production.



The scope of the program includes the health, household living, mobility, communication, leisure and work of the elderly to improve their health, social participation and independent living capability, and therefore enhance their living quality. To cultivate the interdisciplinary talents needed for Gerontechnology, the program also includes in-depth industrial tours with an Industrial Mentor System to prepare the students to enter the industry, thereby bridging the gap between academia and industry.


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